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Model car racing is about replicating the "real" races we all love and cherish. If the race theme is Le Mans 1999 or Spa Franchorchamps 2007 we like to see all those cars on the grid. But the big variety in cars that makes sports car racing so attractive has become a problem in slot racing. In most of our slot races we use the same motor, gearing and tires for all the cars. As a result the dimensions of the car (or actually the body) have become a decisive factor in their performance. We don't want that, in order to have the same variety in cars we needed to find a way to give each slot car body at least a theoretical equal chance.
So we created the Weight Calculator, a system that uses the dimensions of a slot car to calculate a minimum Body and Total weight.

How does it work
In general it comes down to the following: We measure all the cars that will be allowed to take part in the race. From these measurements we calculate the average values (ie: average width, height and wheelbase). The weight calculation takes these averages as a reference and checks how far above or below each car is. It then calculates a weight-handicap and ads or subtracts this from the base weight. These base weights are what is considered an optimum weight for the type of car, motor, gearing and tires that is being used. The result will be that cars with average dimensions will be on or very close to this base weight. The wider, lower and longer a car is the more weight-handicap it will get to balance its advantage
On the opposite side, cars that are narrower, higher and shorter than the average will be able to compensate this by running lighter.

How does it work for you
With the online weight calculator you can check at which minimum Body weight (including body mounts) and minimum total weight your car will have to run for this event..
Select your class in the menu (GT1 or GT2) and fill in the measurements in the form fields below.
Measurements should be done on a flat surface (Tech block) with the RTR car resting on 4 wheels.

At the Technical Inspection the T.C will do the same measurements and use the same calculation to assign the the definitive minimum weight.
These assigned minimum weights are valid for the duration of the Race.

EEC Round #1 Badet 12 hrs
Select weight calculator:
1.Highest point off the Body @ centerline front wheels: mm
2.Highest point off the Body @ the roof :
(airscoops' toplights etc. not included)
3.Highest point off the Body @ centerline rear wheels:
(in most cases this will be the rear window)
4.Wheel Base:
(measured between the centerline of the front and rear axle)
5.Body Width @ centerline front wheels: mm
6.Body Width @ centerline rear wheels: mm
Calculated weight results
Base Bodyweight gr.
Base Totalweight gr.
Total Weight Handicap gr.
Minimum Body weight gr.
Minimum Total weight gr.
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