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Team info:
RFH #1
Nick de Wachter
Amsterdam 1078 NX

Participated in:
  • EEC Round #3 Alsdorf, 2008
  • EEC Round #2 Merlijn, 2008
  • EEC Round #1 Badet 12 hrs, 2008

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  • (Racing for Holland) was the banner under which the Amsterdam based slotrace club Hot Slot took its first steps in the international 124 modelcar scene. Drawing inspiration from Dutch racing guru Jan Lammers, the slot team started taking part in Endurance races with LMP cars like the RfH Lola BK98 and the RfH Dome S101. Always trying to build cars that maintain the link between motorsport and slotracing, RfH has taken podium finishes in many international events and has over the years become a household name in 1/24 Modelcar Endurance racing. Formed in 2001, RfH

    Core members of the RfH team are Tamar Nelwan, Nick de Wachter, Gabriel Inäbnit and Willem Kloppenburg.

    For the FIA GT sprintrace in Alsdorf with its 2 drivers p/car race format RfH not only had to split in 3, but also had to build 2 new cars! RfH #8 willem and Ronald will share the "old" All Inkl #8 Lambo which has been given a major once over, for RfH #28 Gabriel and Tamar are in the proces of adding the last details to an all new Sport 1 R-GT in the 2007 Spa 24hrs colors and Nick.......well Nick has been very busy indeed. What started as a heavy lump of Japanse resin, a square box that nobody dared to race, a kit that has been deemed out of proportion, out of scale even,has been craftfully carved, cut and crafted over the past few month into this mean machine that will be driven by Nick de Wachter and his slot ega Emily. Fresh out of the RfH workshop after working almost 40hrs on a row , Nick's attempt to create the biggest badest GT ever, the RfH #1 Vitaphone Maserati MC1

    Busy nights in the Hot Slot cellar.

    The creation of the "BBB" has been a real "international" team effort, as several 1/24 FIA GT teams wanted to race this car. Fox Racing Team captain Dirk Jan provided the base Ejan kit and made the master for the vac formed interior. Gert (Virage) has been commuting between Wiekevorst and Amsterdam to join Tamar (RfH#28) in trimming the box shaped body back to scale and togehter they gave the MC12 back the swelty curvous lines missing on the Ejan kit. To do this the wheelarches have been narrowed down 88mm wide which is now almost exactly to 1:24 (87,7mm), some 3mm material was removed from the cockpit sides, which menat that all the panel lines had to be rescribed as well. Last but not least Tamar was handed the tricky job to carve the roof louvres while Nick added new louvres to the fron wheeelarches.. After the main bodywork was finished Nick took over the project, making molds for the body and all the seperate detail parts. 


    The MC12 now has a GFK/ carbon lamimated body, resin Wheel Inserts, Vac formed windows, interior, windows and rear spoiler, and some very neat details cast in 80 shore rubber like mirrors, diveplates, spoiler supports and a huge rear diffusor. Last weekend the RfH#1 car had its first shake down and in the last couple of days Nick's been working round the clock to transform the carbon black body into a the 2007 SPA runner up (decals kindly provided by Fola of SFRT). These pictures were taken at 5 o'clock Friday morning after the final layer of clear coat had set, after some well deserved 20 winks Nick left for Germany this afternoon. Tomorrow a 1/24 Modelcar that truely captures the BBB impression of the Maserati MC12 will try to take "Eau Rouge" flat out!

    Emily and Nick put their money where their mouths were, and gave honours to the number 1 on the car by finishing 1st, leading from start to finish, with a staggering 21 laps in hand over the second placed car. A real 'Vitaphone-like' performance, never putting a foot wrong and notching up a 8.70, the fastest racelap ever on the Alsdorf track.

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