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Team info:
RFH #28
Tamar Nelwan
Amsterdam 1078 NX

Participated in:
  • EEC Round #3 Alsdorf, 2008
  • EEC Round #2 Merlijn, 2008
  • EEC Round #1 Badet 12 hrs, 2008

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  • Formed in 2001, RfH (Racing for Holland) was the banner under which the Amsterdam based slotrace club Hot Slot took its first steps in the international 124 modelcar scene. Drawing inspiration from Dutch racing guru Jan Lammers, the slot team started taking part in Endurance races with LMP cars like the RfH Lola BK98 and the RfH Dome S101. Always trying to build cars that maintain the link between motorsport and slotracing, RfH has taken podium finishes in many international events and has over the years become a household name in 1/24 Modelcar Endurance racing.

    Core members of the RfH team are Tamar Nelwan, Nick de Wachter, Gabriel Inäbnit and Willem Kloppenburg.

    For the FIA GT Spa revisited race Team principal Tamar Nelwan teams up with "Electronics Expert" Gabriel Inäbnit in the #28 Sport 1 Lamborghini Murciellago R-GT

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