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Team info:
Damstredet Racing
Rolf K. Andersen

Participated in:
  • EEC Round #3 Alsdorf, 2008
  • EEC Round #2 Merlijn, 2008
  • EEC Round #1 Badet 12 hrs, 2008
  • 12hrs GT Norway, 2007

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    Damstredet Racing is a private club founded by Petter Krogstie. The club consists of friends of Petter, racing 1:32 F1 cars on his private Fleischmann track. Damstredet runs a seasonal series of six race days, with two races each time. There is a new layout on the 30+ meter 4 lanes track for each race day, so no advantages of knowing the track :0)


    The real Damstredet in the old days Petter lives in the first door on the right DRGrid2007


    Damstredet in the old days ( Petter lives first door on right) and modern Damstredet with full 07 grid

    The 1/24 team of Damstredet made its debut at Oslo 12 h early 2007, with some other friends from Badet Raceway. With minimal experience of 1:24 cars the race was a total disaster. When assembling the hand out motor on the Corvette C5R we managed to destroy the motor holder and had to spend the first 15 minutes of the race in the pit lane :-( We ended dead last, with over 684 laps up to the winners of our friends of Badet 1.

    Damstredet racing is for 2008 attending the EEC. This time the founder Petter "Ecclestone" Krogstie is also on the grid, for at least the two first races. Hopefully we have learned something over the last year and can finish in more style with our Edil Cris #53 car than in the debut for the team






    EEC #2 car, with friends :-)


    A little too shiny, but now also in black :-)                                            Primer is good for your health ;-)


    Børge helping with some dremeling                                                       The real deal

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