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Team info:
White Mouse Racing
Pl Hanson

Participated in:
  • EEC Round #3 Alsdorf, 2008
  • EEC Round #2 Merlijn, 2008
  • EEC Round #1 Badet 12 hrs, 2008
  • The Vikings 12 hours, 2007
  • 12hrs GT Norway, 2007
  • LMS R4 LMP/GT, 2006
  • LMS R3 Blue King 24hrs, 2006
  • LMS R5 LMP/GT, 2004

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  • White Mouse Racing team was formed by Henrik Hasager and Pål Hanson late 2004. The team was founded on the ashes of Valliant Racing and 2H Racing, that had been less than sucsesful during 2004.
    The new team has taken its name from the 30s and 50s racing team of Siamese (today Thailand) Prince Bira.
    The original White Mouse Racing Stables ran light blue ERA's and Maseratis until Prince Bira decided to retire in 1954. It was a simple quest for a good name with an heritage that led us to choose White Mouse Racing.

    Our main core of "contracted" drivers are Jørn Birkebæk, Mark Sander, Henrik Hasager and Pål Hanson.

    So the last race of the 2007 season is now over! WMR has had a very tough year, with absolutely no, I repeat NO good results. So we now have to regroup, and refocus our efforts on 2008.

    The EEC long distance races and selected local 2 hour races beeing our main focus. The chassis and bodies are allready shaping up, and we will go back to the proven WMR forumla of GFK bodies mounted on M-Racing chassis.

    The main drivers will be Mark and yours truly, with the posibility of an WMR 2 team joining in from time to time.

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