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Team info:
Gert Klinge

Participated in:
  • EEC Round #3 Alsdorf, 2008
  • EEC Round #2 Merlijn, 2008
  • EEC Round #1 Badet 12 hrs, 2008
  • The Vikings 12 hours, 2007
  • FIA/GT Spa Francorchamps, 2007
  • LMS R6 Blue King 9hrs, 2005
  • LMS R3 Blue King 24hrs, 2005
  • LMS R5 LMP/GT, 2004
  • EPC 2004 (Le Mans), 2004
  • LMS R2 Blue King 24hrs, 2004

    All Teams
  • Hi Guy's just a few words from me to you all Virage # 12

    Virage is founded in the 1900 something and after being out of the slot race scene for 5 years,a good friend called me and asked me if I wanted to race with his team in a 24 hr race in Sint Niklaas (B). There was the vibe again and I got lost in the 1/24 scale. My first build scale 1/24 was the Ferrari 550 Maranello to proof the guys I was moved to Belgium, after so many years beeing the Reserve Belg (spare Belgian )I became a real Belgian guy .I got the Marenello from my good friend Paul Schietekat and he was only making the microbe grow bigger.And after a search of a few weeks i found the liverie that could convince my old slot race friends that I wanted to be taken ceriusly. Now that I found the fun of building again i needed to find good drivers for my team and that's a big problem down here in Belgium, not that there are no good drivers but the most I knew had retired from slot racing .So in this way Virage was always a team of mixed racers even with the famous Vikings a team was mixed up te particpate in a race in the Mecca of Motor sports Le Mans. on your right you see my last build car The Dark Dog Viper                                                                                                                                 









    Teammembers who have driven with Virage:

    Dutch drivers: Remco van Waay, Paul v/d Hurk, Ton Schols,Wouter van Mijgaarde,Missy de Wachter.
    Belgian drivers: Tom Ooms, Geert Mertens, Christof Vos,Robby Cuppens,Pieter Tytgat.
    Danish drivers: Henning Smet, Henrik Hasager, Peter Christiansen,Martin Borg,Rasmus Johansen,Gorm Nørgaard.

    Le Mans EPC

    1Here you see here 12 hrs before the start Virgin White
    2First time I entered was with Robby Spiessens in 2003 the next year I wanted to race with my own Team but what do you do if you have no drivers who want to come to Le Mans Yes a ad on the LMS Forum did the special job for me as I wanted to building the Den Bla Avis Dome it would be nice to drive with Danish drivers. Henrik , Peter and Henning where the guy's who wanted to fill up the empty driverspace.

    At first I wanted to race with the Beamer in Le Mans reason as always car not ready, but after a team showing up with a body and a non build chassis stil in the bag Mr. T asked me to give the Beamer to the English team so they could also participate in the EPC.

    After a long night we managed to let it look like this, with we I mean Tamar, Christel and myself #Den Bla Dome  after  a  Allnighter
    3 #Left to right: Me , Peter, Henrik and Henning

    This beauty will be driven ad the Revisited Race coming October by youngster Tom Ooms and myself. Why show up with a young driver, well Tom is a good upcoming driver he proved that in the Birthday race this summer.
    Sara Playfree MC12

    This car is build with the help of Tamar, Gabe, Willem and Nick
     if I had to do it all by myself it would have taken me one year to finish it .

    The Start of the Spa revisited race was perfect for Tom and myself, Tom managed to get Pole position  with our Sara  that  was something we  could only  dream of  bud he made a perfect  lap  in lane 2 with pole time 8.860.
    But as you all know when your on the top the harder you can fall and that happend to us with the bad luck of getting problems with the chassis. But nevertheles we had a great time and wil surely do another atempt to get back in the top.


    Bigwheels @ Spa 

    Winning car build by Fola


    On the 1st of December 2007 I had the time of my life together with Fola and Stephan, the race with the Bigwheel group 5 Capri was one I'll never forget. In the training we managed to get the car in laptimes we could not beleve all the teams where doing round 10.25 and we got it around the track in a lowe 9.74.This was so trilling that Fola was begging me to stop with training :-), I could fully understand why.Stephan drove after me a few laps and was just a click faster and maneged in training a laptime of 9.43, so the car was great now it was up tu us guys to keep it in good shape and drive it to the finish. The last words I would like to say about this race It was Great and we will have to get back and defend the cup

    Winning car build by Fola








    On the right you see Fola , Stephan and the old grumpy guy

    Winning Team

    Back retired from racing sind 2009


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