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Topic Review

 posted on 26-1-2013 at 14:20
hi tamar!
i would like to ask you how many grams of resin do you use on the first gel coat to prevent the fish eyes?
thank you very much and regards

 posted on 10-1-2013 at 12:43
Hello Maurits

Sorry for the late reply, did not notice your post till now.

Not really sure what you are referring to.

Usually all the guys here use the same resin to laminate and do the Gel coat.
No need for Parrafine nor Peroxide so I'm affraid we cant help you with this question.

 posted on 12-12-2011 at 18:10
Hello everybody,

I'm new here and I have some questions about this theme!!

I'm planning to make some GFK body's of the body's I'm modifying at this moment.

I allready have bought the gelcoat (white) and a Peroxide (witch a must mix between 0.25 and 2%) and the glasvlies (in Dutch) 25gr/m2.
Is it necesarry to mix some parafine true this? I heard otherwise the body stays sticky. Is that correct?
How much of the Peroxide must I mix with it? Closer to 0,25% ore 2%?

Thanks in advance.

 posted on 14-8-2010 at 17:30
link to hotslot workshop article: http://www.slotracinglemans.com/newforum/news.php?action=view&catid=3&aid=136

my photonovela about laminating an acura lmp2 body: http://picasaweb.google.com/gabe.inabnit/LaminatingA124ScaleAcuraBody

a hint I got from Fola: wait 15-20 minutes before applying the "gel coat" after mixing the two components - no need to try to apply the not so sticky mixture, just wait until it's stickier. Another help are cotton fibres. Mix them with your gel coat mixture for faster sticking to silicone mould (haven't tried that personally yet)

 posted on 13-8-2010 at 19:23
One bottom layer or gel-coat, as thin as posible. Normaly I have cut out different size fibre glass pieces ranging from stamp size to say 20 x 100 mm and when laminating I try to get the pieces to overlap each other so I only get one complete layer of fiber glass mats.

I do put some extra material in the front and rear.

I think Tamar has an old article about all of this somewhere on this site!?! Tamar, link please!

 posted on 8-8-2010 at 21:58
thanks a lot for your comments; just one more question: how many coats of epoxy do you aply and how many fiber glass coats do you put one over another? thank you for the help, if you had any other suggestions I would be very thankfull.

 posted on 3-8-2010 at 13:10
Funmaker, first of all I think you have to work a little harder at the gel-coat! You have to keep on brushing until the gel-coat/bottom coat lays evenly spread over the whole surface of the mold.

83 grams/m2 seems a bit rough/heavy for my taste, I use 40 grams/m2 glassfiber mats myself.

The Epoxy is from Dutch Poly Service www.polyservice.nl

Good luck

 posted on 19-7-2010 at 22:56
this is a calling for the gurus of lamination, looking for help. i have some problems ; firstly it appears fish eye and the fiber doesnt fix well with epoxy.
I use a fiber glass 83grm and carbon, the working temperature is 27+- .
Im waiting for your help.

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